Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It Was A Beautiful Day at the Cabin

We finally made it back to the cabin. It was so great being back and I appreciated being there more than ever. The girls were also so excited to be back. And for the first time in a long time I saw Mackenzie carefree and happy. This year has been hard on her and being back and the cabin was just what she needed. We spent our time fishing, boating, swimming, tubing and cruising around in my Mom's new golf cart. The weekend could not have been more perfect. When we got back home I immediately looked at the calendar to find the next open weekend we could go back. None of us wanted to leave.

Kendall enjoying the water

It was small, but it was a fish.

The Karrmann house is very busy. We are in the midst of finishing our basement. We are so excited to soon have the extra space and it has given me a much needed project to occupy my time. We are also in the midst of the countdown to the end of school. I am looking forward to a break from homework and the hustle and bustle of getting the girls ready in the morning for school. I am really looking forward to this Summer. It isn't going to be quite the Summer I was hoping for, but at least I will not be sick in bed like I was last year.

I had a doctor appointment this morning with my Plastic Surgeon. He removed the rest of the stitches from the flap. Yes, the flap is still there. I have two more weeks until he will test whether or not the part of the flap covering the holes on my face has adequate blood supply. He is anticipating that it probably will take some more time to heal and that the test may not work. We are possibly looking at July until my face can be fixed. I was extremely sad and disappointed to hear this news. I am so tired of looking deformed and wearing a huge bandage on my face. The stares from other people are getting old. I was hoping that this would all be fixed early so that I could enjoy a carefree Summer. It doesn't look like it is going to happen.

The Relay for Life was an amazing experience. The survivor's lap was very emotional. As we walked, the hundreds of participants stood around the track clapping and cheering us on. It was their way of acknowledging the fight we fought and everything we accomplished as survivors. I was so honored to do it with my Dad. I am so blessed to have a group of friends that took the time to walk 24 hours to fight cancer. They walked about 12 miles throughout the night and were exhausted by the morning.

The Clover Ridge Crusaders

Me and my Dad

If you could keep me in your prayers over the next few weeks that would be wonderful. Pray that the flap heals and that the blood supply is adequate. Pray that once the flap is fixed that it heals without any complications. And pray that I will have the patience to live with my face until it can be fixed.

Sorry it has been a long time since I have updated my blog. But look at it as a good thing...Everything is going well!

With much love,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, I am so glad to see your posting!! I have been so worried!!! In my heart I knew you were "just busy living your life," but I also was worrying!!! How exciting to finish your basement. We did it 2 years ago and it feels like a different house!I've printed the great pix of you and your dad and am proudly taking it to my school tomorrow. At lease once a week a staff member asks how you are doing...you are beautiful as ever!! Enjoy the end of the school year (7 1/2 days left for us, not that the 1st grade teacher is counting! lol). Fingers are crossed for the next few weeks....stand proud, girl!!!
Kari Karrmann Sides