Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank God for Facebook

Thank God for Facebook.  It has been a source of many things for me while going through this journey.  Facebook has provided me with entertainment:  I am obsessed with the Facebook games.  My latest obsession is Farmville.  I have been working hard every day to build by farm to plant crops thus earning money to buy more necessities to make my farm a success.  Facebook has provided me with communication: It has allowed me to keep updated on what all of my friends are doing in their lives.  It has also given me an opportunity to have conversations with many of my friends through instant messaging.  Facebook has provided me with a source of encouragement.  A day does not go by when I open up my Facebook profile and I find that someone has left an encouraging message.  Theses messages are a source of comfort and help me get through my day.  And I am amazed at how many people from my past have gone out of their way to make sure I know they are thinking of me. It is amazing.

Well, I can finally say things are progressing.  Not necessarily as fast as I want them to.  But I am starting to see changes which is something I needed to see happen allowing me to feel that I am heading towards living a somewhat normal life again.  I am on my feet more and more and being able to spend more time with those around me...especially the girls.  Yesterday, I was able to go to the dentist with Mackenzie.  She had chipped her two front teeth in a minor biking accident.  It was good for me to be able to go with her to be a source of comfort while she was getting them fixed.  And I must say she was such a trouper.  After getting home from the appointment I sat outside watching Mackenzie ride her bike while playing a few rounds of go fish with Kendall.  It was wonderful.  I even had a chance to visit with a couple of my good friends in the neighborhood I have not seen for a long time.

After my appointments on Monday, we determined that it was time to start weaning myself off of the pain medications.  I am not in as much pain as I used to be.  I am so excited to, some day, be done with these meds so that I can be clear headed again and be able to drive my car!  I had a visit with my Surgical Oncologist and he was able to clear out my sinuses and right ear to give me some temporary relief from the mucus and drainage.  It is still there, but not as severe.  He prescribed a steroid nasal spray that is helping with the inflammation. However, I can't wait for the day until I can wake up in the morning and not have to clean out my mouth and nose from what drained during the night.  

I am still working hard on eating more and more.  The goal is to start cutting down on the tube feedings.  My mouth is still tender so it will be a slow process.  I am still holding out for a miracle that by next week I will be eating better.  I so desperately want to go to the State Fair and have theat footlong corndog!!!  I don't know if it is going to happen, but I am going to cross my fingers.

Although my energy level is picking up a bit, I do find myself taking naps during the day.  I get tired very easily.  So it is no surprise after my busy day yesterday, I am pooped out today.  Luckily a dear friend had the girls over for a playdate today so I am able to catch up on some of my rest.

As for my mental state...I am still working hard on BELIEVING.  I am given messages all around me from things I am reading or from encouragement from friends to BELIEVE that I can be healed.  I still have moments where I freak out and think this may not be over and I might have a long road ahead of me.  But I try not to stay in these moments of negative thinking too long.  I know God is telling me to believe.  To believe in his power to heal and his love for me.  These messages to believe are overwhelmingly and almost in my face.   Is someone trying to tell me something?  I am blessed to have a few people in my life that have felt the Holy Spirit telling them that I will be healed and come out of this just fine.  I certainly hope they are right.  But the nice thing is, when I have my freak out moments, I go to these specific people for a source of comfort.  

So would it be wrong to ask you all to pray for my mouth to be completely healed by next week so I can go to the State Fair and enjoy some of the great good it has to offer?   Well, if it feels funny to pray for that, please continue to pray for healing...complete healing.  And pray that the progress of my healing continues to pick up pace and that the side effects will end soon.

Blessings to you all,


Anonymous said...

sue...I will pray for you that you feel well enough to not only go to the State Fair but also are able to consume the most caloric deep fried treat they have available (think deep fried twinkie or chocolate covered bacon or a bucket of sweet martha's cookies or cheese curds followed by a pronto pup)...and for complete healing...always...I believe you will be is just a matter of time...See you in farmville. :) jen larsen fortner

Anonymous said...

Not wrong at all! you are definitely in my prayers and I will put a special request in for you to meet this milestone goal of a foot long corndog and time at the great Minnesota Get Together with you beautiful family!
It was great to see you on Monday, I get so excited as I see you out and about and know the journey is going in the right direction.
Good luck with Farmville and don't push it too hard...
Heather Teskey

Anonymous said...

I believe that God loves to answer the little prayers as much as he loves to answer the big heavy ones. Sometimes it is the simple littles things that he does for us that lets us know he is alive and well in our lives. Just like you enjoy doing little things for your girls, so does our Lord. I will continue to pray for both the big and little things in your life Sue, may you be blessed with many foot long corn dogs! Love you, Derek, Connie and Bella

Anonymous said...


It's so good to hear that you are doing a bit better these days! I will definitely pray that you will be able to eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you have the desire to eat at the fair next week. And I'll pray that you have the energy to enjoy the day with your family, and that it would be a great experience for all of you. Keep on keepin' on!

Jennie K.

Anonymous said...

Sue -

My hope is that you can attend the State Fair. My fear is that all of your wonderful local friends go and get you that footlong corndog that you have been craving and you are stuck with 5 dozen of them to eat. :-)

I'm glad to hear things are improving. Stay strong and focus on the good things around you!

Jim Walters

Anonymous said...

I too love farmville. Thanks for being my neighbor in farmville land. :-) I will continue to send you items to grow your farm. Friends make fun of me for having them (yes I have 5 different farms; 2 I tend to faithfully and I also have a zoo). It is fun for me, too.

I am so glad you are seeing some progress in your recovery. Keep thinking footlong corn dog. It is in your future. Take it easy and enjoy getting better and better every day. Hopefully I will see you out and about.
Love, Ruth L.

Anonymous said...

I have been following your life and commments and I am moved by your faith and love for God and family. It has been a blessing to see how you have grown. You are so much like your mother in your writings. It is a gift to be able to express so easily and clearly our feeling. I continually pray for your healing and please let us know if you get to at least nibble on a corn dog.

Anonymous said...

Sue, I so hope you can have that corn dog! And I can't wait to read all about it!!! I'm so glad you are progressing and am thinking about you, Jason and the girls all the time.

Thanks again for letting us come by to see you. I can't believe you ended up in the hospital! I'm so sorry! Luckily all went well.

Crossing 10 fingers and 10 toes for the STATE FAIR!!
Love to you!