Thursday, July 29, 2010

Get Up And Dance!

Get up and dance and shake that bootie! It is time to celebrate! MRI results...STILL CANCER FREE! Never before have I been given the results of a scan so fast! My MRI was on Monday and later on in the day I received a phone call with the results. I was in the middle of eating dinner when I received the phone call. Needless to say, Jason, Mackenzie, Kendall and I were filled with joy and relief. The celebration involved ice cream sundaes with the works and many thanks being given to God! An end in sight is coming into view.

Unfortunately, the celebration is somewhat bittersweet. My focus is now on the next surgery which has been scheduled for next Wednesday. After much deliberation, my surgeons have not decided to use the fascia from the side of my head to repair my face. The original plan to use the skin from my cheek will be put into action. This surgery HAS to work. We are beginning to run out of options. My surgeon and I are not confident this will work, but it is the least evasive procedure. If this procedure fails, I will be undergoing a massive procedure which involves removing the majority of the skin on the right of my face and replacing it with skin from my leg. Again, no guarantees this procedure would work.

While I am so relieved to still be cancer free, I still need your support and prayers, Pray this surgery is successful and that my face will stay intact. I pray and hope that this surgery will work so that I can move on with my life once and for all.

Love to you all,


Farmgirl Paints said...

So relieved you are cancer free! YAY:) You've been through so much. Really praying this surgery does the trick!!

Anonymous said...

Yippee! That is great news about your scan! We'll keep praying for you! So happy to hear your news! Love, Tracy G.

Rochelle said...

Thank you, Jesus!!

Shawna said...

So happy for your good news Sue! I am praying for God to wrap his arms around you and help the doctors perform their best work on your beautiful face! You are almost there! God Is Good!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for your good news. I will continue to pray for wisdom for your surgeons, and that this next surgery will be successful. I know God has a plan to restore the beauty of your face, I know God will guide you through this next step to your recovery. You're almost there!!
Andrea Wackerfuss

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue! You don't know me, I stumbled on your blog a few weeks ago when looking up Natalie Grant's song, Held. I think God used your testimony and blog updates to speak into my life, as an encouragement to have faith in the midst of trials. So thank you for that!

And I am so overjoyed to hear that you are cancer free. I actually shouted out loud, "yay!" and was smiling for a long time after I read the good news. Jesus is so good!

I came across your blog again today and I think the Lord wanted me to tell you that you are the apple of His eye. I didn't completely understand the meaning of that phrase so I looked it up:
"Now, this phrase is usually figurative, meaning something, or more usually someone, cherished above others. As sight is so precious, someone who is called this as an endearment is similarly precious."
You are beautiful; He sees you for who you are inside and out, and He is crazy, passionately, and especially in love with you.

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers! Keep persevering, you are doing well... He is pleased with you and so many are blessed by the way you live your life for Him! =)

With love,
a sister in Christ

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and praying as you face surgery today.

Anonymous said...

Sue, I have been thinking of you almost constantly since last week when I knew you were cancer-free, what a wonderful feeling! I know you have trials and tribulations ahead of you, but this WILL become easier. I am praying that your surgery went well yesterday and that we hear news soon.....this sill work....God has watched over you thus far, he won't leave you now!!!! Hugs to you and your wonderful family, Kari Karrmann Sides