Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Off and Running

Good morning everyone. Sue asked me to handle her blog through surgery today, as well as for the next couple of days before she wakes up. I will do my best, but know that I am not nearly the writer that she is.

We arrived at "the U" at 6AM this AM. After getting Sue checked in, we were grateful for a visit from Pastor Trautmann. He has been extremely supportive for our entire family through Sue's journey. His words and prayer for Sue this morning were comforting for us both.

Sue was feeling quite anxious last night and this morning, but was being incredibly strong as she mentally prepared for today. In true form, she was worried more about the kids and me vs. the 10-13 hour surgery that she was about to subject herself to. Sue was comforted after seeing a few of the surgeons that would be working on her today. They reinforced that she needed this to be done to protect her eye and for her general well-being. We are both very comfortable with the group that will be working on her today.

I always dread the walk from the pre-op room to the hallway, and having to say good-bye to her. It's one of those hard moments in life. She was wheeled back to her OR suite at about 8:15AM. I just spoke to the circulating nurse and they actually started surgery at about 9:20AM. It took them quite awhile to prep and position her. I will hopefully be able to update again in the early afternoon.

Please keep Sue and her surgical team in your prayers today.



Jeremy said...

Thinking of all of you today and sending prayers your way.

Cheri Mueller said...

Thanks for the update Jason! I will see you later this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you guys!

The Tierneys