Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hi! Sue has had another good day She was able to get out of bed and sit in a chair a few times. She is feeling really good, except her shoulder really hurts. It is the location where they took a portion of her scapula. I'm not complaining, however. She is doing a great deal better than when she had her big surgery a couple of years ago. She can't really type much, but she is looking at Facebook and her e-mail.

I told her this afternoon that I am ready to hand the blog back over to her. Yet, here I am giving today's update. I really hope that she will be ready to take over tomorrow.

The doctors are all still very pleased with everything. They are all still monitoring the dopplers closely. I think they'll fell a lot more confident with the health of the transplanted veins after another 24 hours. Her graft looks good, as well as her closure sites. They did start to discontinue a couple of drugs today. She also has been able to have some clear nutrition; jello, broth, flavored ice, etc. She also did comment that she would like some McDonald's french fries. If she is craving those, it definitely means that she is hungry.

So, I'm happy to report that it was an uneventful day for Sue. She should be moving out of the ICU tomorrow and into a regular room. It doesn't feel like as big a change as it did the last go around. This ICU is quiet, and pretty laid back. Sue is accustomed to more noise and interruptions in the ICU setting.

Please keep praying that her veins and arteries continue to stay open, her swelling begins to subside, and the pain in her back starts to fade. We hope that you all have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Hi, Jason --

Jenna, Tommy, and I said our prayers for Sue's veins tonight. So good to hear that the recovery is relatively uneventful :-). Thanks so much for the updates. We think about you guys frequently throughout the day so it's nice to hear what's going on. We'll keep praying. Good night!

Tracy, Tommy, and Jenna

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that things are going well. I will continue to pray for her healing.
Julie Dshl

Paula (Klein) Affolter said...

Sending you positive vibes and prayers from Chicago.

Paula (Klein) Affolter

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that things are going well. We will continue to pray for the veins. We love you guys and trust that God has his arms wrapped tightly around you Sue. Derek, Connie Nick and Bella

Anonymous said...

SOO thankful for such great news..Thanks for all the updates..SteveJoySamJakeSchwa