Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Positive Day

Hi everyone,

Sue's surgery was a great success. Just about 10 minutes after my last entry, Dr. Khariwala came out and said that things were closing up. You could tell that it had been a long day for him, but he was excited about what was accomplished. He said that reconstruction went very well, maybe a bit better than they had even hoped for. They were able to do some work on Sue's eyelid that I believe they thought would occur in a later surgery. He also thought that they got a few more implants in than what had been planned for today, but he couldn't recall for sure.

The one slight hitch they had was with the vein harvest. He wasn't confident with the veins he first looked at, so he ended up taking them out of her forearm, which she'll be a bit surprised at when she wakes up. That had not been in the plan, and we had thought the back up site would be from her leg. He believes that it will be a better 'fit' in the long run. One of the big things to pray for over the next few days is that the veins do not clog. That is one of the bigger risks with what she had done. Obviously, this is key to the blood flow for the area, and the health of everything in that region.

I am now at home and just received a call from the ICU. She just arrived there and will be kept sedated tonight. They are reconsidering when to bring her out of sedation. Originally it wasn't going to be until Thursday. But now, it sounds like they may consider doing so tommorrow afternoon.

Again, I want to thank you for all of the prayers and support that you've given Sue and me through her surgery. Time for some sleep.



Jeremy, Michelle, and Girls said...

Great to hear such a positive update. Continued prayers are coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so diligent keeping all of us updated...