Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A slow day

Sue felt that the day dragged today. As the day moved along, she started to feel a little antsy. After everything her body was put through yesterday, she was surprisingly comfortable today, from a pain perspective. She is just struggling with being comfortable on her bed. She should be sitting in a chair some tomorrow, and then hopefully out of the ICU on Friday. She is looking forward to it, but she definitely wasn't ready for it today.

A number of doctors came through today and all are are pleased with her current status. It's very evident that they are most focused on her veins and arteries that were transplanted. They are hooked up to Doppler monitors and being listened to constantly. Dr. Khariwala apparently has phoned the nurse a number of times with sole purpose of listening to the Doppler in the background. One of the nurses wanted to hook him up with a baby monitor that he could listen through. They wil continue to keyed on these for another 48 hours or so.

Sue is continuing to see additional swelling in her face. This should stop late tomorrow, and then hopefully start to come down a little a day or two later. Her eye is completely swollen shut and that is a little aggravating for her. She also seems a bit uncomfortable with the sutures in her side. Hopefully, she'll do okay when they start weaning her off of the pain meds.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Sue do a short update tomorrow. I would be more than happy to hand the reins back over to her. Thank you for all of your ongoing prayers and support. We cherish you all.



Anonymous said...

Your Sue is the #1 writer, but you are a very close 2nd!!!! Thank you for updating when you are exhausted and anxious. We are so pleased to hear how well things are going. We know they will only continue, as God has her in his heart and hands, as he does you! Please feel our prayers and love in the days ahead. We can't wait to see Sue's posts!!!! Bless you all and know you are constantly in our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I had so many tears of happiness I forgot to sign!!!
Kari Karrmann Sides