Monday, September 14, 2009

God's Sense of Humor

I am not going to say much, but I thought you all would get a kick out of this story. These past couple of days I have been having a hard time with nausea, vomitting, exhaustion etc... I took several steps backwards in my progress towards recovery. It was very frustrating for me. As a result, I have been questioning God a lot lately asking why he doesn't prove his existence to me - face to face. I didn't want to see his existence through people, objects or even the birds (remember the blue birds?) At one point I said to Jason...I don't want a @#$*! bird to feel God's presence...I need more than that. I need more!
So after feeling really sick for 3 days, I finally went to the doctor today. I was able to get a lot of good medications to help with the nausea and other symptoms I was experiencing. When I came home, the first thing I saw was not just one blue bird but 5 blue birds sitting on our deck. It was the entire blue bird family that lived in Kendall's birdhouse. They were sitting in a circle on the the clothes that my mom laid out to dry in the air. I did worry about them disposing on my clothes, but I just laughed and said to God, "very funny." At the same time, I had tears in my eyes. Although I did not want him to use birds anymore, the way he used them this time was amazing!

Here's to better days ahead...hopefully.

Thought this story would bring a smile to your face!


Anonymous said...

How incredible...and how funny! Not only did He show you that He is with you always, but He did it "tongue in cheek," and He made YOU smile!

I LOVE this story, Sue! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

Love and prayers for all of you,

Bev Johansen

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue: You found humor -- the best medicine!! Keep asking for what you need. God and praying friends are listening. Here's to taking life one inch at at time. Your insight and faith are incredible/remarkable. You have come SO VERY far already ... xo Katie May

Anonymous said...

A smile indeed....and tears. My dad's mom was the most amazing person who lived the most challenging life. Bluebirds were her passion. Every dress she sewed for Steph and me had a bluebird somewhere on it. Bluebirds are special and they have decided to make YOU their special project! How amazing! Lucky you!

Love and joy to you and your family,
Suzie :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how we all remember the funny moments - no pun intended. ;) Through all the is amazing at what a little "funny" can do!

Tee hee!

Much love,
Jami Helvick

donna said...

What a tender "pass it on to others" story, Sue. God is amazingly creative, isn't He? Precious one, it is OKAY to feel as you do. I admire
you for your honest expression of your feelings; no denial! You have
every reason to feel as you do today. Isn't it our tendency to always want to leap ahead to the good days rather than get stuck in the "not so good" days? You will be "unstuck" one day. Better days are ahead.
Though I don't write often, I think and pray for you daily. Your mom and dad are wonderful friends. Anything that hurts them hurts us.
Praying lovingly,
Donna Lundborg