Sunday, September 20, 2009

You've Changed Me For the Better

The other day, I had the honor to spend sometime with a mom of one of my best friend's from high school. I have so many fond memories of her way back when I would often hang out at their house. The reason I spent sometime with her was because ten years ago she was diagnosed with a very similar cancer to mine. Little did I know 20 years ago that would I be sitting in my family room discussing our battles with cancer.

My friend, who also has been an huge encouragement to me, has been asking me to call her mom for quite sometime. I just wasn't quite ready up until now. I was desperate to speak to someone who has been through the chemo and the radiation treatments exactly like I have been. I am so thankful that I did because I finally feel completely understood...someone knew how I felt. Someone knew how frustrating the recovery can be. Someone knew how horrible the side effects are. But the one thing that impacted me the most was that my friend's mom has had a harder road than I have had to face. She is a two time survivor of her cancer. And despite the side effects she is battling, she has such a positive attitude and always has a smile on her face. Her faith is unshaken. She is rock solid. She BELIEVES more than anything that God will heal her. She is a true inspiration to me and taught me many lessons on handling cancer with grace. I am so thankful to have her in my life.

In fact, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the many people that have reached out to me these past months. I never realized how blessed I was with friendship. Many of you have taught me a huge lesson on reaching out to others that are hurting and suffering. I have learned so much about myself through all of you and all that you have done for me. I am amazed at the human capacity to love others and show kindness. And because of this, my life has changed for the better. I hope to someday, tell each and every one of you in person how much you have impacted my life and to thank you with a big hug for all of the love and kindness you have shown to me. I am honored to have each and everyone of you in my life. I pray that I will never take for granted your friendships.

One of the verses that my friend's mom shared with me during our visit is Jeremiah 30:17 "I will give you back your health and heal your wounds said the Lord." This verse has been on mind since our visit. I have to believe this will be true.


Anonymous said...

Sue, I felt so bad for you after reading aboutnyour week. I prayed that if your pain and nausea and all that s--- wasn't going to get gone for awhile yet that God would help you feel better emotionally and know this is temporary. That word I didn't spell out has a funny story. Sometimes when I get mad it just slips out. A couple years ago I was ironing my grandson's jacket and the iron was too hot and the jacket melted and that word just slipped out. A minute later he asked "grandma why did you say ocean". I answered "Ohhhhh I was just thinking about Nemo and all the pretty fish that swimm in the ocean with him." This is an ocean you are crossing. But you will see land again. You are loved and prayed for many times a day. Pat

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you got that opportunity. I know how good that can feel! Keep the spirit with you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, We're thinking of you,as always, and hoping you are feeling a bit stronger every day! Joan and Tom

Anonymous said...

Sue, I just heard the song today on the computer I'm kind of in kindergarten with computers. That song is awesome. It makes me cry. God is With us!!! We will make it. Love and prayers Pat

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog last week it came to me that maybe God is leading you to seek out a support group. It was great that you could talk with your friend's mom. That had to help a lot. There are many others who have gone through what you're experiencing and it might help you immensely to share with and listen to others. I'm sure the hospital has something like that. Perhaps you should look into it.

You're a brave person. While your recovery is very slow, concentrate on each positive change. Maybe it's going to come in little, bitty baby steps. You'll get there and with God's help you WILL make it happen