Thursday, March 11, 2010

Super Why!

Kids say the darndest things. Sometimes what they say is hilarious, embarrassing or inappropriate. Yet, sometimes what they say is profound. The other day Kendall and I were watching the cartoon Super Why! The characters on the show were spelling out a word. They gave the letters A and E and asked the kids to fill in the blanks to complete the word (_ _ A _ E). Kendall immediately said, "Mom, I know what the word is BELIEVE." I said, "Not quite Kendall. The word BELIEVE does not have an A in it." After I said this, the rest of the letters in the word was given. The word was BRAVE. So I said, "Kendall, the word is BRAVE." Kendall said, "Mom...don't you know...BRAVE and BELIEVE are the same?" I had another one of those Aha! moments. Little did Kendall know that her statement reminded me of the relationship and importance of BELIEVING and being BRAVE during difficult circumstances. BELIEVING and being BRAVE are two things I have been working hard on this past year.

"Look to Jesus and BELIEVE - look to Jesus and live! In fact as you look to Him, unfurl your sails and BRAVELY face the raging storms on the sea of life. Do not exhibit your distrust by staying in the security of the calm harbor or by sleeping comfortably through your life of ease. Do not allow your life and emotions to be tossed back and forth against each other like ships idly moored at port. The Christian life is not one of listless brooding over our emotions or slowly drifting our keel of faith through shallow water. Nor is it one of dragging our anchor of hope through the settling mud of the bay, as if we are afraid of encountering a healthy breeze." - Streams in the Dessert

I think these past couple of weeks I was allowing my emotions to get the best of me and that the anchor of my hope was not where it was supposed to be. This passage I read in my devotions and Kendall's statement reminded me that I needed to refocus and start believing and hoping again and to be bravely face what is to come in the next few weeks.

Things are looking up. My infection seems to be getting better. The medicine they have given me is working. I was so scared that I would need more surgery to help get rid of the infection, so seeing the redness go away is calming my nerves. I also started physical therapy on my leg and foot this week. I came to realize that it wasn't getting any easier to walk so I needed some help. After an evaluation with a physical therapist, it was determined that as a result of wearing the cast for a long time the muscles and the tendons in my foot and leg are very tight. This is causing my range of motion to be very limited. The therapist has given me some exercises to do at home and I will be visiting her twice a week. She said that I will get back to normal and that I will be able to run again. I will also be working with a Sports Therapist to help me get me back into running shape.

Due to the trauma from surgery and radiation, my jaw has become very tight and it is very difficult to open wide. This makes eating quite the event. I often walk away from meals with spills all over my front because I can't get the fork or spoon into my mouth. I have to take little bites and I am limited in the foods I eat. My doctor said that if I don't nip this in the bud, it will be very difficult to overcome. So I do stretching exercises to get my mouth to open wider. I am not having a lot of success so I am getting a little worried. So if you could add this to your prayer list that would be a blessing!

I want to thank those of you that have donated money to support my participation in the Relay for Life. I have reached my goal! I am so amazed by your generosity!!! I am still taking donations, so if you wanted to donate and have not done so already, please feel free to click on the link on the top of my blog!

Thank you for your continued prayers. I have definitely felt them, especially this past week. I so needed them as I was at an all time low. Things are turning around.

Much love to you all,


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Sue! I can feel the confidence in your words now which wasn't there in your last post. There will always be ups and downs, but you have definite goals to work on now, and just like everything else in this past year, you will soon be looking back at your issues with your jaw and your leg, the infection in your face and all of that as things that are in the past!! You're doing a terrific job of hanging onto that roller coaster and the highs and lows are evening out now. Keep it up!

Love, Bev

Anonymous said...

Hi sue,

I'm glad to hear that the therapist said you'll be able to run again. Physical, and sports therapy work, trust me I've had to go to them for help, and they've gotten me back into running, they can do the same for you!!! Keep working with your therapists, and be patient with yourself, you WILL run again! I keep praying that you will. I'll also keep praying for the infection in your face to go away, and for your jaw to get better. After all, once you start running, you'll need to eat!
I'll keep praying that you'll keep your spirits up, I can't even begin to imagine how difficult this past year has been for you. For now, look to the future with hope, healing will take place, swelling will go down, and you'll find yourself running once again.
Your always in my prayers,
Andrea Wackerfuss