Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter celebration is on!

I am sitting by a pool in the Doubletree Hotel in Rochester watching the girls swim. I am consuming the fresh baked cookie we received when we checked in and of course, a Dr. Pepper. I am thoroughly enjoying watching Mackenzie and Kendall have fun and be free from worry. Jason is off visiting customers at the Mayo. I am sad he can't join us today for all of the fun. It is nice to not be here as a patient but as a guest getting away from it all. Getting away from the cancer, the surgeries, everything! Tomorrow we will head to Platteville to spend Easter with Jason's family. I got the word yesterday afternoon at 4:00 that surgery will be on April 8th. Later on in the evening we decided to move forward with our plans to go out of town and began packing as quickly as we could.

I am doing much better since I found out the results of my scans. I was very angry for the first couple of days. Angry that I would need another surgery. Angry that the fear of cancer has returned. But most of all angry that my children would have to watch their mommy be sick and recover from yet another surgery. It has been very difficult for the both of them and they are always asking when mommy will feel better. Today, I feel at peace. I have a gut feeling that everything will be OK. Yes, there is an ounce of fear still there, but I am not as scared as I was the day I found out. And how ironic is it that the day of the surgery will be the one year anniversary of my diagnosis. It would be awesome to find out there is no more cancer on the same day of my diagnosis. I have felt your prayers and God has answered them by giving me the peace I needed to get through this.

The surgery should be pretty easy. There is a concern about my eye AGAIN! The mesh that will be removed is supporting my eye. So another doctor will be involved in the surgery to come up with a solution should my eye need more support. So your prayers for my eye again would be greatly appreciated. And please pray for the best possible outcome from the surgery.

Thank you all for your support and prayers.



Scott Brill said...

Sue, I'm so glad that you are feeling the peace that can only come from God. The peace that passes all understanding - you know well what that really means. It's good that you are enjoying some time away also. You are in my prayers.
Cheryl Brill (a friend of a friend)

Anonymous said...

You amaze me woman. I am so proud of you and I can't wait to celebrate THE END with you and all your supporters. There will be an end, I just know it and I'm so happy that you are starting to believe. Happy Easter Sue and enjoy the girls and your time away from it all.

Michelle Rovang Burke said...

Sue, you continue to amaze me...and I hope you realize that you serve as such a beacon of hope and strength to SO many people. It has been far too long since we have actually seen each other, and yet I find that even my family quotes from your blog and prays for you. Enjoy this time of respite and you will be cradled by His hands during the upcoming procedure.