Friday, January 15, 2010

Post Surgery Update - Day 1

Good morning all. I awoke today, still pretty tired from yesterday, but really excited to see Sue. I got to the hospital around 7:30AM and Sue was already up and very aware of what is going on around her. They actually ended up letting her wake up last night. I am told that she was up a good portion overnight, taking a few cat naps.

All I could think about on the way down was being able to tell Sue how well everything went yesterday. Unfortunately, when I entered her room, she was pretty agitated and in a lot of pain. Her right leg was is a tremendous amount of pain from the knee down. This is where they took the bone graft and tissue from. They have it in a boot, as they don't want her moving it around, and this is very uncomfortable for her.

However, the toughest part to watch was that she was having trouble breathing through her trach. She was having trouble getting the secretions out and felt as though she was suffocating. This went on for probably the first hour that I was here. She also has a feeding tube going into her nostril and down the back of her throat. It makes her feel like she needs to cough something out of her throat, but she obviously cannot.

The good news is that they were able to get the pain and discomfort under control finally. It was a helpless feeling when Sue was writing on her board that she was suffocating or that she was in great pain, but knowing that the nurse and respiratory tech were doing everything that they were able to do for her. She was getting frustrated with all of us.

She is now resting comfortably and actual is taking a nap right now. They plan to start giving her some nutrition via her feeding tube this afternoon. This should help with some of the upset stomach she has from her pain meds. Her stats are also doing well. The only other thing that they are watching is that her blood count is fairly low, but this is no surprise.

I did get to see the nurse check something during Sue's cares that was very interesting. He actually checked for her heartbeat through the cheek that they rebuilt. Pretty simple in reality, but it is used to indicate the the blood is flowing to the area where they reconnected the tissue and bone with the harvested blood vessels.

Sue looks really good. She does have quite a bit of swelling, but it actually isn't as much as I expected to see. She can see out of her eye. I did tell her that everything went as well as we could have hoped for yesterday, but I think she already sensed that. I don't think she knows everything that they did and found, but that can wait. It was just fantastic to see her.

She is very appreciative of all of the prayers and love that we received yesterday. We are blessed to have such fantastic family, friends, and neighbors.



Jen said...

We will continue to pray for a smooth and quick healing process for Sue. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. It is so good to know she is awake now and on the road to recovery. Keeping you all in our prayers. Lots of love from Phoenix!

Jen Falk

Angela said...

Jason, a friend of mine- Jen Zick- forwarded this blog and asked if we'd pray. I am so glad she did because I haven't had your beautiful wife and family far from my mind since Tuesday... staying in fervent prayer every time she comes to mind. Just wanted you to know that there are so many people out here praying- I am sure a prayer chain that reaches so extensivily you'd be surprised if you saw how far!! I am so glad to hear they were able to save her eye and that the surgery went as well as possible. Blessings to you and your family. I will continue to pray for her recovery!!

Anonymous said...

So glad she got to see you right away this morning! Let her know we will keep praying for less discomfort and easier breathing!! Tell her Michelle sends another huge hug! Also let her know Marissa and Kenzie sat by each other again yesterday at lunch and she said Kenzie was happy and having fun. I told Marissa to keep an extra eye out for her in case she appeared sad or worried. Marissa said they sit at the same table almost every day so she would be happy to be silly with her, keep her smiling, or give her a hug! Just wanted you guys to have peace of mind with that.

Love to your whole family,
Michelle, Steve, & girls

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the detailed updates Jason! I find myself checking multiple times a day for the latest information. It is truly amazing what doctors are able to do to heal people!!! You and Sue and the girls will continue to be in my thoughts as you go through all the healing.
Love, Jen Larson

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jason for the thoughtful update and detailed post. It really helps to be able to read and feel connected to you all. Sue - you are so loved. We are continuing to lift you and your whole family up in prayers.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous news! We will continue to hope and pray everything keeps going along as planned. Remain positive and uplifted in the days ahead!

Jim & Ann Walters

Anonymous said...

Please let Sue know that we have a prayer chain at our church that has been lifting her needs up in prayer these past two days. We are meeting tonight and will spend some time praying for Sue. We will pray for her leg pain, learning to breathe with the trach, and that she can adjust to the feeding tube. We will also pray for the swelling as well as for you to be able to find ways to comfort her and communicate with her. Please continue to post updates as you get a chance. You have done an amazing job as a husband and a father though this difficult time. We will stand firm in believing that this is the last hurdle that she will have to overcome in her road to recovery permanently from this cancer!!!!

In Christ,
Julie Dahl

Anonymous said...

Jason, such good news for what Sue went through. Prayers continue for rest, comfort, healing and speedy overall recovery. You are blessed with a wonderful wife, Jason, and so is Sue blessed to have you to go through this journey with her. Stay strong. You guys are covered in prayer by so many.

Jeff and Cindi Stewart

Anonymous said...

Jason, thank you for the updates. We are praying for you and your family. Love, Kirsten, Kars, and Karen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your updates. Prayers will keep coming your way! Love, Cricket Collins