Thursday, January 14, 2010

Surgery Day - Update 1

I want to first thank everyone for all of their support, love, and prayers for Sue and our family through these many months. It has meant more than you could know and has provided Sue with an abundance of strength and faith.

Sue went to bed last night with a sense of peace, and had a good sleep, following a wonderful prayer event with friends and family that was led by Pastor Dave from Westwood. He was also kind enough to come to the hospital early this morning and pray with Sue and me before she was taken into the surgical suite.

We arrived this morning at 4:45 for her to be prepped and she actually handled it pretty well. Her biggest fear leaving the house today was leaving MacKenzie and Kendall...which amazed me. How can one be so selfless when facing what she is today. She has been so brave and strong through all of this, and has taught me a lot.

They took her to the OR suite at 7:30AM. I received a call from the suite at about 9:30AM with the first update. They had actually started the procedure around 8:45AM. They had already receieved some prelim results back from pathology and were happy with some of the test results. They were starting with the procedure to remove the sinus as we spoke. The main message they were giving me was so far so good. They also told me to expect to get another update sometime in the noon hour.

I will update Sue's blod again sometime this afternoon, as I learn more. Again, thank you to all of you for your unwavering support and prayers.



Anonymous said...

Thaks Jason for the posts. We are all praying for all of you and her surgery team. This is good news, let's hope it continues to be good news all the way through.

Susan Thomas

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Jason. Wishing Sue, you, and the family the best possible outcome. You have our loving support and prayers. I am sure you have had many prayers coming your way from Platteville and are certainly in our thoughts and prayers today.

Gene & Jan Weber

Anonymous said...

Jason & Family,

Thanks for the update and there are continued prayers coming your way right now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jason! I have been praying all day for Sue, you, and the girls. Looking forward to the next update.


Jen said...

Thanks, Jason, for the update! We've been praying all day and will continue to. So glad for the good news from the doctors! Know that your family is being loved and covered in prayer today!