Friday, May 22, 2009

Life Goes On

I am so excited today...I am going to Mackenzie's track and field day at school.  I have not been able to participate in the girls' activities for quite some time now.  I have missed out on Mother's Day teas, concerts, performances and end of school year activities.  It has really bummed me out to tell the girls that I can't go and see the disappointment in their faces.  

I think one of the hardest parts of going through this is that I can't participate in life, in what is going on around me.  I often look out the window to watch the kids playing and the neighbors talking.  I want so badly to be apart of it all.  I long for the days when I was out there with everyone enjoying the activities.  

I am trying to take every moment that I can to spend time with Jason and the girls.  Because these moments are rare...due to not feeling well or having the energy.  I have been really frustrated these past couple of days because I am not bouncing back as fast as I thought I would from this last round of chemo and I am fighting a nasty cold.  I was hoping to have some time before radiation to feel great and participate in life again.  I need this time so that I can regain my strength and renew my mind.  If I feel the way I have felt lately going into radiation, it is going to be tough on me physically and mentally.  

So my prayer today is that God will help me to get rid of this cold.  I also pray that my body will heal a little faster in the next couple of days.  And I pray that next week will give me a chance to renew my strength and mind.  

I want to take some time to thank all of you that have been providing meals for my family during this time.  It has been a HUGE blessing to our family to not have to worry about cooking dinner.  I am overwhelmed by the amount of people who are friends, neighbors and people we don't even know that have volunteered their time to make a meal.  MANY THANKS!



Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOOO glad to hear that you're able to get out and see Mackenzie's big day at the races! The weather is PERFECT! Maybe the fresh air will help you get rid of that cold, too. I'll be praying for that, and for a strength-building respite over this next week before radiation.

God knows what you need to get through this next stage of treatment, and He will provide ALL of it in his perfect time.

Love, love, love to you and yours. . .


Anonymous said...

Sue! Yeaaaa! I bet the smile on Mackenzie's face was the BEST medicine in the whole world. Glad you got to enjoy your day! I hope your cold is over quickly. You sound so strong today...I continue to be so impressed with you, you are AMAZING!!

Suzie (&Jason, Hayden, & Claire)

Anonymous said...

It was so great to see you yesterday! I imagine the fresh air and warm sunshine was so refreshing! You look wonderful! I will pray that your cold goes away quickly and that you will be strong in mind and body for radiation!

Michelle (Jeremy, Emma, Lucy and Sophie too.)

Anonymous said... glad you were able to get out to see field day...and hope you are able to be out this weekend in the warm weather! I will pray that this cold passes quickly! and that you are in great shape for the next treatment! love, jen larsen fortner